Fashion in Student’s Life

Who doesn’t want to look attractive, smart, beautiful and up to date? Of course, everyone and looking outstanding and different from other encourages every single person to adopt fashion. Especially, fashion matters a lot in youngster’s life. Sometimes, they spend more time to find new fashion trends that’s why they seek academic writing help UAE to get higher grades in their academics. In short, fashion is reflecting a lot in their lifestyle. Dresses they wear, bags they carry, footwear, watches even in stationery, fashion is dominating.


What is Fashion and Why It is So Important??  

Oxford living dictionary defines fashion as popular or the latest style of clothing, decoration or behaviour. Furthermore, fashion is something that keeps changing all the time. The way we dress today isn’t the same we used to dress up before a decade. Even, we might notice a major change in language and the way we carry ourselves. For that reason, fashion has taken a very important part of our life. Especially, youth and students are more aware and conscious about fashion. They read fashion magazines, watch fashion shows and notice celebrities, sportsman, and film stars keenly because they are the trendsetter of new fashion.

However, while chasing a new fashion, students often overlook their studies. They devote more time to find a new fashion and then they go to shopping malls to purchase exactly the same which take lots of their precious time and energy as they seek importance of ethical considerations in a dissertation. Therefore, we are highlighting how much this generation involves in fashion and what are the disadvantages of it.


Why Youngster isn’t Supposed to Follow Fashion So Much     

We can see fashion all around us. From new gadgets to language, behaviour to living style, makeup to other stationery, fashion is everywhere, and it makes us stunning. Therefore, young boys and girls are attracted towards fashion and some time it is also seen that while they the following fashion, they keep studies aside. For sure, it is the biggest drawback of following new trends. Secondly, students are dependent on their parents financially, so adopting every new fashion trend asks extra money which increases their expenses. Thus, parents have to spend the amount in order to fulfil their desire.

However, fashion doesn’t consist of good items only but there are many things that are considered horrible. For example, now smoking has become a fashion and drinking alcohol makes you cool, etc. So, the student develops bad habits such as smoking and bullying while following so much fashion. It is also seen that, when teens aren’t able to adopt some fashion, they suffer from the great depression. So, if you are one of them who are obsessed with fashion trend then don’t hesitate to take help from CIPP assignment help.  

It doesn’t happen every time that fashion gives you an attractive look. Sometimes fashion makes you uncomfortable and gives a bad look because the fashion you carry doesn’t suit you. See some more interesting content from  the resource of the impact of Fashion on Students